The New John Deere G5 Display Family

For many years, John Deere has offered reliable and high-performance Precision Ag Technology. In 2023, all essentials of the advanced equipment will receive an update to be prepared for the future. Important components are the brand-new John Deere G5 display family and the new JDLinkTM M modem. These updates make the John Deere Precision Ag Technology faster, more powerful, and more affordable for every farmer and contractor.

The New John Deere G5 Display Family

With the brand new G5 display family, John Deere delivers the latest technology directly to customers. Full HD resolution, additional memory and increased processing power make the G5 monitor one of the most powerful displays available. It comes with two portable versions, which can be used on all brands, two integrated monitors for specific John Deere machines and an Extended Monitor option. The G5 display is 10.1 inches and the G5Plus is 12.8 inches, meaning the G5 display family offers up to 33% more space for maps and information compared to its predecessors. Both portable displays offer additional protection through their water resistance (IP65). The John Deere G5Plus comes with AutoTrac™ and Section Control as standard. Of course, the full AEF ISOBUS compatibility remains.

All G5 displays will retain the reliable and familiar user interface from Generation 4 displays. The combination of modern technology and familiar user interface provides an immediate performance boost without the need for lengthy re-learning. The new license program for advanced features means that farmers and contractors only pay for what they need, and upfront costs are reduced. Regular software updates are being developed and ensure that the G5 display family is already equipped for the future.

The G5Plus Universal display and the G5 Universal display will be available for order later this year. The G5Plus CommandCenterTM and G5 CommandCenterTM will be available on John Deere machines from Model Year 2024.

The New John Deere JDLinkTM M and R Modem

Farmers and contractors with a mixed fleet can continue to take advantage of connectivity between machines and the cloud. The brand new JDLinkTM M Modem offers an affordable alternative to the familiar JDLinkTM R Modem. The JDLinkTM M Modem is a plug and play solution, which allows mixed fleets to be fully equipped easily. The JDLinkTM M and R Modems are compatible with the SAE J1939 protocol and can process over 14 data points from different machine brands. This compatibility enables the management of an entire mixed fleet in just one portal: The John Deere Operations CenterTM.

The John Deere StarFireTM 7000

The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 was introduced last year together with the new StarFire™ RTK signal. With an RTK accuracy of 2.5 cm and a pull-in time of fewer than 8 minutes, the new StarFireTM RTK signal offers a very attractive entry into RTK. The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 performs with even better connectivity than previous generations due to the additions of Galileo and Beidou satellite signals. The John Deere StarFireTM 7000 receivers are available for orders and delivery starts now.

The John Deere Operations CenterTM

JDLinkTM provides free of charge two-way connectivity for the automatic uploading of crop and machine data to the John Deere Operations Center™. With continuous updates, the Operations Center is constantly being improved and adapts to future needs. It will continue to be available free of charge for mobile devices and on the web.

The new essentials of John Deere Precision Ag Technology make smart farming more effortless for customers. It will become increasingly easy to use, automated and is already seamless. All features and the advanced local dealer service and expertise, make farmers and contractors’ businesses more productive, profitable, and sustainable.

Tom from our Precision Ag department gave us a quick walkaround of the new Kuhn Megant 602R Mounted Min-till Air Seed Drill pointing out some of the key different features of the new model.

Fitted with the new 12mm straight tine coulter this allows for excellent penetration and reduces soil displacement on the seeding line. And now with, carbide plates on the point and reinforced tine holders this only helps to maintain seeding depth.

The drill is equipped with full Isobus control with electric half-width shutoff via Vistaflow.

Option of additional 110l small seed hopper which feeds into the flow of the main metering unit.

New spring loaded wheel track eradicators and side markers.

Two position low-level sensors and an external button to assist with calibration.

Welded hopper, with sturdy access steps into the hopper alongside the new automatic roll-up cover system.

The Hopper shutoff door allows access to the metering unit without having to drain the tank.

The MEGANT tine seed drill is designed to help you to reduce your costs while increasing your work output and maintaining quality of seed. For more information on the range of Kuhn equipment available at Hunt Forest Group call your Sales representative today.

At this year’s SIMA, John Deere will present See & SprayTM for the first time on its European sprayers built in Horst (Netherlands). Following the introduction of See & SprayTM Select and Ultimate in the USA, John Deere is taking the next important step towards precise crop protection.

 The See & SprayTM system for Europe is based on the See & SprayTM Select technology already introduced in the USA. It uses camera technology to detect colour differences in the field. The cameras and other hardware components are integrated directly into the boom or chassis of the machine. One camera is mounted per metre of working width, which captures green plants at lightning speed. Processors handle the images and the nozzles are triggered individually for spot treatment. The green detection on the field soil enables a targeted application of pre-emergence herbicides. All weeds that are also visible to the naked eye are detected by the cameras.

See & SprayTM is not only suitable for pre-emergence treatment – it can also be used in row crops after emergence. The crop rows can be extracted by the sprayer and thus the weeds between the rows can be targeted and treated. This application is possible at all stages and for all row crops before the canopy closes, allowing the customer an additional treatment for See & SprayTM in the growing crop.

Tested under different conditions
See & SprayTM has already been tested on about 120,000 hectares worldwide. The success in application is comparable to broadcast spray, but with a saving of up to two thirds of consumption. First tests in Europe showed the same results. In addition, the system could be optimised to adapt See & SprayTM to European conditions.

See & SprayTM supports agronomic decisions
The See & SprayTM system can document the application of herbicides using the in-cab Gen 4 display. In this context the display creates a coverage map with information on where the herbicide was applied. The documentation can be transferred via JDLinkTM to the John Deere Operations Center. Among other things, this would allow sub-areas with increased weed pressure to be identified and future measures to be optimised.

Availability and machine
See & SprayTM Select is already sold with the self-propelled sprayers in the USA. These machines will be the first on the market in Central Europe this year. From spring 2023 See & SprayTM will be available on a limited basis for the European R900i series trailed sprayers with 36- and 39-meter booms and will then be offered as an option for various John Deere sprayers from Horst in the future.

The following components are required for use on the R900i trailed sprayers:

And at Hunt Forest Group we like to ensure that all of our customers are well prepared for the busiest time of the year.

A couple of weeks ago we held our annual Combine Operator Training Schools over 4 days at our Chilbolton HQ.

With over 100 attendees present across the duration of the schools, we welcomed operators both new and old.

Both gained an insight into the John Deere S Series & T Series Combines with in-depth Classroom sessions and Machine walkarounds conducted by the Precision Ag team.

Thank you to everyone who attended, good luck for the Harvest ahead!

Farmers and contractors running multi-brand tractor fleets can now use John Deere’s AutoTracTM TIM (Tractor-Implement-Management) activation for the Gen4 Universal Displays. This means that the proven guidance system AutoTracTM can be used on all tractors with AEF (Agricultural Electronics Foundation)-certified TIM guidance capability. Existing well-known solutions for machine guidance on multi-colour fleets are AutoTracTM Universal 300 and Reichhardt GREENFIT. The new AutoTracTM TIM is a complementary offer that is fully integrated. The key benefit is that no further steering wheel- or controller components are needed.

This is a simple solution for farmers and contractors with mixed fleets who want to use a universal guidance system. To run AutoTracTM TIM, they need the AEF-certified Gen4 Universal Display (4240 or 4640) with AutoTracTM activation and a StarFireTM 6000 or 7000 receiver.

More and more manufacturers provide their tractors for the AEF TIM interface. John Deere unlocks its steering system for tractors for other manufacturers through ISOBUS, which are AEF TIM guidance certified. Details on machine compatibility to fit John Deere AutoTracTM TIM can be found on the AEF Database.

As soon as AutoTracTM TIM is used, the system can be supplemented as follows: If the machine (regardless of brand) is equipped with a JDLinkTM modem, data can be exchanged wirelessly and free of charge with the John Deere Operations CenterTM. It enables workflows to be set up, planned, monitored and analysed in a single online portal. This also allows customers to use functions for precision farming, such as creating application maps. These can then be sent directly to the tractors in the field using John Deere AutoSetup.

With the AutoTracTM TIM activation, John Deere shows that openness to other manufacturers still plays an important role. In this way, the company enables customers with mixed fleets in particular to easily use John Deere’s solutions for agriculture.

With the trials and tribulations of COVID-19 preventing us from holding any in-person training events over the past 2 years, it was great to be able to welcome customers back last week for our first Precision Ag events of the year, held for the first time at Thruxton Circuit in their purpose-built presentation space.

Customers and their operators benefited from the knowledge and expertise of the Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag department. Led by Group Precision Ag Manager, Lawrence Matthews the Precision Ag team had an informative and detailed day planned for guests covering the benefits of the John Deere products available.

 The following areas were covered by the team :

An overview of Generation 4 Display

An overview of the 6000 series

MyJohnDeere – the differences between JDLink & Operations Center

An introduction to AutoTrac Turn Automation

A live demonstration of AutoTrac Turn Automation

A live session of Remote Display Access

All of the topics covered in our Training Schools are aimed at customers and their operators getting the best from their machinery and refreshing or educating them on the technology and its many uses and applications. It was also a great opportunity for operators to discuss any questions they have with the team and even potentially diagnose any problems.

Over the course of 3 days, the Hunt Forest Group team welcomed over 90 attendees. A  great return to face to face events and the perfect opportunity to answer our Customers’ technological questions. With more Training School events planned in the West Country this week, keep an eye on our social media accounts and the website events page for dates and details of our next Precision Ag training events.

Following our announcement on Wednesday 6th January, regarding the cancellation of our Precision Ag training schools due to the current COVID–19 regulations. We would like to make you aware that we will soon be releasing some online training school dates that you will be able to attend remotely. This will give you a chance to get back up to speed with your Precision Ag equipment and make you aware of any changes in software ready to take on the season ahead.

It is with great regret that due to the current Government COVID – 19 safety guidelines that we have had to cancel our annual February Precision Ag training schools for 2021.

But please be assured that our Precision Ag team takes great pride in the support that they offer throughout your growing season. And we look forward to supporting you in every way we can. Some of these ways include phone support from 5 dedicated team members. Remote display access where available. JDLINK machine monitoring where available. And in field optimisation visits following all Government COVID – 19 safety guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact our Precision Ag team for all of your product support needs.

We hope to be able to host our 2021 Combine training schools this year but we will keep you informed as we approach the summer.


A new StarFire 20-2 software update is now available. This is a mandatory update for both StarFire 6000 and 3000 receivers.

The most important part of the 20-2 software update is that it positions the current StarFire 6000 and StarFire 3000 receivers to continue operating in the future. Changes coming with the 20-2 software update also prepare the StarFire network to support new satellite constellations and the next generation StarFire receiver.

These software updates must take place by 1st February 2021. Those receivers that have not been updated will not receive the StarFire correction signal and will only operate on EGNOS.


Please contact a member of the Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team if you have not yet had this mandatory update. They will ensure the update is done following all government safety guidelines.  We wish you a happy and safe 2021.