Romsey Young Farmers Charity Tractor Run 2022

It was dark, dull and extremely wet at midday on Sunday 18th December but the Romsey Young Farmers Club Tractor Run certainly brightened the day up with a festive display of both horsepower and tinsel. A great turnout by all involved, and lovely to see so many John Deere’s involved both driven by Hunt Forest Group staff and customers from across Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset & Berkshire.

Here are a few shots of the procession as it made its way through Stockbridge high street at Midday. You can still donate to the Charity Tractor run here.


With the new 5ML Series, which includes the flagship 5130ML, John Deere introduces its most intelligent and powerful narrow tractors for use in high-value crops to date. The 5ML tractors can be equipped with a comprehensive John Deere technology package for precision farming and deliver a maximum output of 134 hp.

Smart – Precision farming for high value crops
To make working with specialty crops easier, the 5ML offers a comprehensive John Deere technology package for precision farming. A unique feature is the integrated AutoTracTM guidance system. The AutoTracTM display has been integrated directly into the tractor’s dashboard, eliminating the need for an additional activation or display. Above all, this saves additional costs. With its equipment, the 5ML makes it possible to combine different work steps. The integrated guidance system enables the driver to deliver a high quality of work even on long days. He can fully concentrate on the implements as the tractor itself stays on track.

Due to political measures, farmers have to document their work processes in increasing detail, which means additional effort. With the optionally available Gen 4 display on the 5ML, every step of the tractor’s work can be easily documented and securely transferred to the John Deere Operations Centre, which is available free of charge. Here, all operations can be monitored, planned and analysed, enabling the farmer to make informed agronomic decisions. With 1ClickGo AutoSetup from John Deere, settings for the documentation and execution of the work steps, such as an application rate for a crop protection measure, can be set up via the Operations Center. As soon as the tractor enters the respective field, the defined job appears on the display. All the driver has to do is confirm and start working. 1ClickGo AutoSetup thus saves set-up time and ensures error-free documentation.

Via the John Deere Operations Center, the 5ML can be connected to software applications from partner companies that enable site-specific farming specifically for high-value crops. This allows the targeted use of inputs, which reduces production costs. The 5ML is a pioneer in precision farming for high-value crops.

Furthermore, John Deere’s Connected Support can maximise the uptime of the 5ML.  With the customer’s explicit consent, machine data is analysed remotely while the 5ML is in operation. If an irregularity is detected, the local John Deere dealer is automatically informed. They then notify the customer of the impending malfunction before the machine’s performance is affected.

Strong – The strongest of the narrow John Deere tractors
The John Deere PowerTech Plus engine in the new 5130 ML is a 4.5-litre four-cylinder with a solid torque rise of 30% and a maximum output of 134 hp. The mechanical PowerQuad Plus transmission has four of the optionally available Powr8 transmission eight power shiftable gears. When range shifting the matching powershift gear is automatically selected. This and the no-clutch range shifting with the de-clutch button makes the tractor stand out in terms of comfort.

The 5ML not only impresses with its engine power, but also with its hydraulic output of 117 l/min. This allows implements with high hydraulic power requirements to be connected directly to the tractor hydraulics without the need for an externally PTO-driven hydraulic pump. Furthermore,  a combination of different applications is possible. Time can be saved by, for example, pruning trees and tilling the soil at the same time. In addition, the tractor is ready for use with front loaders.

A special feature is the outstanding lift capacity of the 5ML, which totals 4900 kg at the ball ends of the rear hydraulics. At the front hydraulics it is 2900 kg, with a payload of 3500 kg. Combining a high payload with maximum lifting capacity enables the attachment of large implements, which increases the effectiveness and productivity.

Furthermore, the 5ML stands out in terms of its rugged design.  Fenders, fuel tank and rear taillight enclosure, as well as the door seals, are made of steel and are therefore particularly robust. Smooth edges in the design ensure that crops are not damaged when driving through narrow stands.

Safety and comfort of use
The 5ML’s cab is equipped with an electronic joystick and a large LCD display in the dashboard. This provides an excellent overview of the tractor settings and increases operator comfort. The electronic joystick makes it easy and convenient to control implements. With the iTec headland management function, the driver is noticeably relieved by the automation of the work processes when turning at the headland. The category 4 cab filter system (according to EN 15695) integrated into the roof of the driver’s cab is available as an option and provides protection against dust, aerosols and vapours that are hazardous to health.

The 5ML tractors can be ordered from January 2023.

At this year’s SIMA, John Deere will present See & SprayTM for the first time on its European sprayers built in Horst (Netherlands). Following the introduction of See & SprayTM Select and Ultimate in the USA, John Deere is taking the next important step towards precise crop protection.

 The See & SprayTM system for Europe is based on the See & SprayTM Select technology already introduced in the USA. It uses camera technology to detect colour differences in the field. The cameras and other hardware components are integrated directly into the boom or chassis of the machine. One camera is mounted per metre of working width, which captures green plants at lightning speed. Processors handle the images and the nozzles are triggered individually for spot treatment. The green detection on the field soil enables a targeted application of pre-emergence herbicides. All weeds that are also visible to the naked eye are detected by the cameras.

See & SprayTM is not only suitable for pre-emergence treatment – it can also be used in row crops after emergence. The crop rows can be extracted by the sprayer and thus the weeds between the rows can be targeted and treated. This application is possible at all stages and for all row crops before the canopy closes, allowing the customer an additional treatment for See & SprayTM in the growing crop.

Tested under different conditions
See & SprayTM has already been tested on about 120,000 hectares worldwide. The success in application is comparable to broadcast spray, but with a saving of up to two thirds of consumption. First tests in Europe showed the same results. In addition, the system could be optimised to adapt See & SprayTM to European conditions.

See & SprayTM supports agronomic decisions
The See & SprayTM system can document the application of herbicides using the in-cab Gen 4 display. In this context the display creates a coverage map with information on where the herbicide was applied. The documentation can be transferred via JDLinkTM to the John Deere Operations Center. Among other things, this would allow sub-areas with increased weed pressure to be identified and future measures to be optimised.

Availability and machine
See & SprayTM Select is already sold with the self-propelled sprayers in the USA. These machines will be the first on the market in Central Europe this year. From spring 2023 See & SprayTM will be available on a limited basis for the European R900i series trailed sprayers with 36- and 39-meter booms and will then be offered as an option for various John Deere sprayers from Horst in the future.

The following components are required for use on the R900i trailed sprayers:

Some of the recently graduated HFG Apprentices from our Tilshead branch.

John Deere is marking the 30th anniversary of its renowned apprenticeship programme with an open day to recruit the next generation of technicians to work across its agriculture, turf and parts business.

Well in excess of 1,000 apprentices have qualified since 1992, and the company is keen to showcase the exciting career path that lies ahead of those who complete the course.

On 6 October, John Deere and the scheme’s training provider, ProVQ, will open the doors of its new training centre in Upper Saxondale, Nottinghamshire, where candidates will be offered guided tours, practical demonstrations and driving experiences.

Classrooms and workshops will be staffed by instructors and apprentices, providing a unique opportunity to view the state-of-the-art learning facilities on offer and talk to those who know all about the programme.

Honor Miles, an Apprentice Technician, stands in front of the new John Deere Training Centre.

John Deere’s apprenticeship programme sees technicians work within the company’s dealership network as a paid employee while completing either a two or three-year course comprising on-the-job practical learning and classroom studies.

Three courses make up the programme; Ag Tech – focusing on agricultural machinery, Turf Tech – focusing on professional turf equipment, and Parts Tech – focusing on parts service and support.

“It’s a hugely exciting time to be part of the agricultural and turfcare industries – they are evolving and becoming more technologically advanced than ever before,” John Deere Branch Training Manager Allan Cochran says.

Apprentices can work on agricultural or turfcare machinery, or opt for a qualification in parts and service.

“The job is so much more than just servicing and fixing things. The machines and parts our apprentices work on and with are some of the most advanced in the world, many capable of levels of automation or operating at capacities we could only dream of a few years ago.

“With exam results now known and young people planning their futures, we’re encouraging them to join us for our open day to find out how John Deere can ignite their careers.

“It’s not just for people who love tractors – if you want to earn while you learn and be part of a huge, global brand with a reputation for ground-breaking innovations, then a John Deere apprenticeship could be the perfect start to your career.”

The open day will be held on 6 October, with three sessions being run at 10am, 1pm, and 3pm. Refreshments will be provided throughout the day, and entry is free, although pre-booking is a requirement as places are limited.

Booking is live at

A busy Monday morning at our Tilshead branch, Area Sales Representative Stuart Banks welcomed the local rural maintenance team from Landmarc Support Services as they arrived to collect three-brand new John Deere 6215 R tractors. The perfect machines to carry out a variety of tasks across Salisbury Plain, ensuring our Armed Forces have the utmost support.

A pleasure for Hunt Forest Group to work alongside Landmarc helping to ensure the Military training grounds and areas of ecological significance across Wiltshire are maintained and allowed to flourish. Following collection, the Landmarc team undertook product familiarisation with a member of our Precision Ag team to ensure they were fully aware of the advanced technology capability of their new machines.

We look forward to continuing to build upon our relationship with Landmarc in the future.

And at Hunt Forest Group we like to ensure that all of our customers are well prepared for the busiest time of the year.

A couple of weeks ago we held our annual Combine Operator Training Schools over 4 days at our Chilbolton HQ.

With over 100 attendees present across the duration of the schools, we welcomed operators both new and old.

Both gained an insight into the John Deere S Series & T Series Combines with in-depth Classroom sessions and Machine walkarounds conducted by the Precision Ag team.

Thank you to everyone who attended, good luck for the Harvest ahead!

John Deere’s 5G series tractors now offer more model diversity and comfort for the varied tasks involved in high-value crop farming. The series has undergone a complete update for all tractors above 75hp, including five new, more powerful models in the GV, GN, GF and GL configuration.

New features for cab versions

A key new 5G feature is the five-speed Hi-Lo PowrReverserTM Eco-transmission, which enables travel at 40kph with reduced engine revolutions, making the tractors more fuel efficient and more comfortable to drive.

To meet individual customer requirements, new models have been added to the 5G Series. Chief of these are the new 5115 tractors for the GF, GN and GV model series that deliver up to 120hp max. power from a 3.6l four-cylinder engine. Furthermore, John Deere offers more power versatility for operation in the tightest rows in the vineyard as the GV model range gets two new power ranges – the 5105G and 5115G with a maximum power of 105 and 120hp respectively.

Tailored to the operator
The redesigned cab is now better adapted to the driver’s needs. The new design offers improved ergonomics as well as more legroom, which increases driving comfort and makes working with the new 5G tractors an even more enjoyable task. A significantly reduced bonnet height provides an unrivalled view to the front. More visibility, especially during the night, is also provided by the optionally available LED lighting.

While the new cab makes the work more comfortable, the driver’s health will also benefit. The Category IV filter system (in accordance with EN 15695) integrated into the roof of the driver’s cab is optionally available and provides protection against dust, aerosols that are hazardous to health, and vapours.

Another highlight of the latest 5G Series tractors is the new 5-inch digital display, which presents important vehicle information centrally in front of the driver and even allows various tractor- and machine settings to be changed conveniently.

Tailored to efficiency
The new tractors are not only easier to operate, they are also getting smarter. The tractors can optionally be equipped with ISOBUS and retrofitted with the JD-Link telematics module. This allows the tractors to be connected to the free of charge John Deere Operations Center, which saves time and money. Operations can be digitised and planned more easily as state-of-the-art fleet management tools come with the tractor for free.

To manage the work on steep slopes and narrow rows even more efficiently, the tractors can be equipped with comprehensive features such as DYNAMIC STEERING and AutoClutch. With DYNAMIC STEERING, steering wheel resistance automatically changes with ground speed. At slower speeds, the steering effort required is significantly reduced, especially during tight turning manoeuvres, while higher steering wheel torque is made possible when driving on roads at transport speed. This improves the driver’s comfort and control over the tractor. The AutoClutch function makes it easier to maneuver on slopes, as the clutch is engaged with the brake pedal.

Additional updates for the 5G series

In orchards with low-hanging pergola crops, John Deere’s 5G series also offers an open station (OOS) or a low-profile cab. While a new 105hp tractor for the GL range offers more power versality, the larger driver’s seats provide more driving comfort for orchard work.

The tractors under 75hp have received the Stage V update already, retaining the known and proven properties of the predecessor models.


Model Max. Power (ECE-R120)
75hp 91hp 105hp 120hp
GF Cab 5075GF 5090GF 5105GF 5115GF *
GF OOS 5075GF 5090GF 5105GF N/A
GN Cab 5075GN 5090GN 5105GN 5115GN *
GV Cab 5075GV 5090GV 5105GV * 5115GV *
GL OOS 5075GL 5090GL 5105GL * N/A
GL Cab 5075GL N/A N/A N/A


*  New model

John Deere has been touring the length and breadth of the country for the past 6 weeks with their 6R Roadshow, stopping off at dealerships along the way to unveil the new 6R Series tractors to consumers. Early March was our scheduled time with the new machines. Recent changes to the restrictions due to COVID-19, allowed the team at Hunt Forest Group to finally be able to host our first in-person customer event for over 2 years.  

Queue the 2nd and 3rd of March, deep in the rolling farmland of the South Wiltshire Downs. Staff, tractors, and a wide variety of other farm machinery from across our many branches descended upon The Gathering Barn at Keysley Farm. A picturesque wedding venue, hidden away on a working farm near Monkton Deverill. A marquee was erected, lighting and audio-visual equipment setup, new and used machinery positioned, a pop-up merchandise shop stocked to the brim, customer gift bags packed, and the event bar fully stocked as we awaited the arrival of our first guests. 

The HFG Sales representatives were all on hand to greet and walk our customers around the new 6R tractors and the other machinery on display. With our heated marquee home to the new John Deere 6R 150 and loader with technology package, a John Deere 6R 185 and a Kramer KT144 it proved a great place to showcase the advancements and new developments in the 6R range. 

Connected technology is advancing all the time and our Precision Ag team had plenty of visitors in the Long Barn to discuss the latest improvements in displays, receivers, RTK signals and much more, along with regular demonstrations on the benefits and functionality of the HarvestLab 3000. Our impromptu popup merchandise store saw plenty of customers with a wide range of John Deere toys, clothing, and official branded goods available for purchase, the co-branded HFG ‘Grassmen’ clothing range a proven success. 

Good food and a few drinks were enjoyed by all in Keysley’s stunning converted heritage barn and helped to create a relaxed and sociable setting, with over 600 visitors across the two days at The Gathering Barn, it was a welcome return to customer events for the Hunt Forest Group team with the bonus of being able to talk to people face to face again without a mask.  

A big thank you to all our staff, manufacturers, and suppliers for their involvement in helping deliver such a successful event. And an extra special thankyou to our customers for their attendance and continued support.  

We look forward to seeing you at the next one! 

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