John Deere 5100M

A used John Deere 5100M and U308 loader for sale. 2017 MY, 5100M with MX U308 loader, 87 hours only, 40k, 32/16 transmission with hi-lo, corner post exhaust, electric hitch control with rear fender control, air seat, 420/85/34 & 340/85/24 Michelin tyres, front fenders, 3 x rear SCV, 540/540E/1000 RPM, passenger seat, work lights, hydraulic trailer brake, rear pick up hitch. The U308 loader has soft ride and Euro front carriage, with 2+1 function. Also comes with a 2.5m general purpose bucket and pallet forks (these can be split if not required). For further information please call Jamie Fisher on: 01980 621 114 or 07880 550 331 or email:

£46000 (ex VAT)

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