John Deere 832

A used John Deere 832 sprayer, 2003, with single piston pump 280ltr, manual GreenStar UK, manual suction single pump, Kamlock coupling 2″, universal linkage 1 pump, 2 cyl automatic trail un-linkage, rev. tow eye 40mm flat, sliding axle, 150/200 8 bolt, 300/95R46 Taurus 8 bolt, axle suspension, hydraulic brakes f.sliding axle, EL-4 plus EHB-2, control with flow sensor, without wiring harness, boom 24/12m, 4 sections, VRS, E/H fold/height/tips L/R, multiple nozzle holder 24m, XR-110.04-VP red polymer, XR110.05- VP brown, polymer. Brush on a hose reel, boom height indicator and wheel fenders 150-200. For further information please contact David Meeks on 01264 860 532 or 07563 288 039

£10,950.00 (ex VAT)

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