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The Future of Farming is Here: A Look at the New 6M Tractors & T5/T6 Combines

Get ready for a glimpse into the future of farming! In this episode, we join members of the Hunt Forest Group (HFG) Sales, Precision Technologies, and Marketing Teams as they head to the John Deere UK launch event at Langar in Nottinghamshire.

Unpacking the Latest Innovations:

New John Deere 6M Tractors. Sales Rep Jonathan Ward and Sales Director Paul Burnett share their insights on what this exciting new range will mean for the HFG market.

Revolutionizing Crop Care. Construction Sales Director Ed Smales dives into the current sprayer lineup and unveils the groundbreaking See & Spray spot spray technology which should be available for demos next year.

Precision Ag Advances. Precision Tech Specialist Dave Wills highlights the latest advancements in John Deere’s data-driven farming solutions.

T5/T6 Combines Take Center Stage. HFG’s resident combine expert, Lawrence Matthews, gives us a rundown of the new T5/T6 combines and the recently unveiled S7 model, including key specs and exciting updates.

While these machines won’t hit farms until 2025, this episode offers a thrilling look ahead at how John Deere is shaping the future of agriculture. Don’t miss out on the insights from the HFG team as they share their thoughts on these revolutionary new product offerings.

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