The Precision Ag Team

The Hunt Forest Precision Ag Team can ensure that our customers are utilising John Deere Technology to its full potential, creating a flourishing, profitable, and sustainable business that makes the very best of its investment.

We have invested heavily in our Precision Ag and Demonstration team and our expert staff offer unrivalled remote and on-farm support, run regular operator training, software updates, and demonstrations covering displays, GPS receivers, JDLink, John Deere Operations Center, and a whole host of other features. The key to our success in the Precision Ag department is our willingness to learn and continually adapt to our customers’ businesses and needs, offering a solution to each new direction.

Pioneering Digital Farming

The Hunt Forest Precision Ag team has the latest and most innovative support technology at hand to ensure that the setup and daily use of John Deere Connected Services are as smooth and user-friendly as possible. Our customers are fully utilising the broad range of products we can offer, including Boundary creation for ease of field management. Boundary fills for ease of handsfree headland steering, section control, variable rate applications, industry-leading ISOBUS compatibility, Remote Display Access, turn automation, and machine sync. John Deere also offers the MyJohnDeere dashboard and mobile apps, this ever-improving technology allows customers to quickly view live data on the go and manage their machinery fleet at a touch of a button. It also has the added benefit of allowing our team to proactively monitor, identify issues and prevent downtime on our customers’ machines.

John Deere also offers the market-leading Starfire GPS receiver with 3 levels of accuracy however with the use of our own mobile RTK satellite correction system, we can provide 2.5cm accuracy to machinery with GPS units ensuring not only a cost-effective solution but increasing reliability year on year without the need for a static base station on an individual farm. With 4 sites currently based across our operating area and more potential sites planned for the future, our signal network is strategically placed to ensure our customers have a constant connection to all services.



Training Schools tailored for beginners and as refreshers for experienced users. Covering key areas of Precision Ag, Hunt Forest Group offer regular Training Schools focusing on critical information to help you to set up and optimise your machinery. Making work not only productive but as enjoyable as possible.

Our training schools are planned strategically not to encroach on the busiest seasons but to remain current enough to be fresh in operators’ minds. Sessions cater for beginners through to advanced users and are tailored to spotlight every aspect of setup and functionality in the following areas: GS3 Displays, Gen 4 Displays, AutoTrac, MyJohnDeere, and more.


Remote Display Access

Displays the Easy Way

John Deere offers a full range of integrated and universal displays to fit any individual need. With wonderfully intuitive user interfaces and fully certified ISOBUS AEF multi-brand compatibility, it’s never been easier for operators to switch between equipment. With tablet-like swiping, on-screen context-based help, and a fully customisable user interface there has never been a more powerful integrated display.

With the effectiveness of John Deere’s displays, the Hunt Forest Precision Ag team can offer comprehensive training on the setup and utilisation of the functionality at many of their Training Schools, it also allows any member of the team to remotely connect, diagnose and potentially fix any issue, without the operator having to call out a technician and the machine leaving the field, saving time and money. This functionality also allows the Farm manager to connect to the operator’s machine remotely.

RTK Signal Network

Adaptive Guidance

John Deere’s precision farming solutions start with the StarFire 6000 receiver, or the new integrated version available in 2020 7R & 8R tractors. This tracks up to 3 correction signal satellites simultaneously offering the best connection signal and improving coverage that is 3 times better than previous receivers.

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HarvestLab 3000

One sensor, Three applications

The HarvestLab 3000 sensor uses near-infrared spectroscopy to analyse various constituents within harvest crops, Silage or slurry. Various calibrations have been further refined, adding more samples from more crop/slurry types, varieties/feeds and regions year after year.

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JDLink & Connect Support

Real-time Machine Data at the touch of a button

Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag specialist can ensure that customers needs for real-time machine data is at the forefront of their operational practices. Machine performance data from across customers John Deere fleet can be visualised and compared with JDLink. Live machine data indicates the performance of the machine and allows machine optimisation. The fuel consumption or engine load can be measured and live machine positions across the whole fleet are visible from anywhere at any time.

With the help of Diagnostic trouble codes from the customer’s John Deere machines, the team at Hunt Forest Group can make proactive maintenance possible in real-time, on-the-go, and can help to significantly reduce machinery maintenance costs. The implementation of JDLink and Connected support allows the Hunt Forest Group team from our Precision Ag specialists & Parts advisors to our Service Technicians to discover any trends in the machines workflow and identify any potential issues that may effect efficiency.

AutoTrac Turn Automation

Perfect Headlands at the push of a button

Reduce headland skips and overlaps, fertiliser, chemicals, and fuel with correctly installed AutoTrac Turn Automation on 6R to 9R Series Tractors. The Hunt Forest Precision Ag team can provide guidance and installation that ultimately delivers more user comfort and less operator stress.

Ensuring your AutoTrac is set up for capturing data for machine and implement offsets, boundaries, guidance lines in the John Deere Operations Center, all whilst distributing them with Wireless Data Transfer to all machinery.

Machine Sync

Synchronisation of Speed and Steering

Synchronise speed and steering between combine and tractor with a grain trailer during unloading in a field. Implementation of Machine Sync (GNSS-based synchronisation) on your machinery makes everything safer for man and machine. Eliminating waste during unloading and increasing on-the-go unloading whilst maximising productivity.

In addition, the functionality of Machine Sync provides important logistical information such as grain fill tank level for each combine, so the tractor operators can make an informed decision about which combine to approach first for unloading.

Section Control

No More Waste

Reduce input costs, crop damage, and environmental impact with John Deere Section Control. Automatically turning individual implement sections on and off at predefined locations in the field. Providing equally spaced crops and consistent growth conditions. Section Control enables users to apply pre-defined amounts of fertiliser, seed, and crop protection exactly where they are needed. By preventing overspray and overplanting, Section Control helps create the best possible growing conditions for crops.

ISOBUS Compatibility

Tailored to your needs

Farming practices and needs are evolving and require advanced functionalities and compatibility with other machines of any brand, in the past ISOBUS combinations could only be achieved by purchasing equipment all from the same manufacturer. At Hunt Forest, we can check compatibilities to ensure our customers are aware of all compatible combinations of any brand and therefore are using the correct machines which in turn assists our Service technicians who can then quickly diagnose problems and find a solution more efficiently.


Manage your land online

With John Deere’s connected technology, it has never been easier to connect your office and your machines to improve overall business efficiency. Field boundaries, guidance lines, and machine off-sets can be created online and sent wirelessly to your machines at the push of a button. The Precision Ag team can help demonstrate how to automate your data within the Operations Center so when operators approach fields the farm and field data will automatically be detected.


Connectivity for any job

MyJohnDeere is John Deere’s hub for access to all information and applications relevant to machinery operations and management in a yearly, daily, and real-time environment. Offering connected farm management through a variety of apps, the John Deere Operations Center is the first port of call for collecting and visualising agronomic and machine information. Showcasing essential information allows operators to make fact-based decisions quickly and easily. The Precision Ag team at Hunt Forest can offer comprehensive help in navigating around the Operations Center, overviews of the support and management software are also given at our Training Schools.


Agronomic data from John Deere machinery displays

The John Deere Operations Center is an open data platform for arable farms with a John Deere or mixed fleet. Recorded agronomic data from different displays and in different data formats can be imported and analysed. The functionality of the Operations Centre allows customers to connect their whole fleets and bring agronomic data into one system. Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team are fully equipped in the setup and implementation of this data and functionality.

Data packages can be sent every 30 seconds to the Operations Center, this synchronisation allows for live tracking of work progress in the MyOperations mobile App. All imported data can be utilised to create reports or to analyse the data for further improvements and a better understanding of results.

Implement Guidance

Tractor integrated active implement guidance

The combination of AutoTrac and the camera-based AutoTrac Vision guidance solution allows the system to be used in fields planted with manual steering. After the operator has set speed and accuracy thresholds, the system will automatically control the tractor speed to maintain a perfect distance to the crop under varying conditions. Eliminating the need for expensive side-shift frames, causing less soil compaction and allowing for more accurate implement control.

To find out more about the benefits of Implement Guidance give the Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team a call today to see how this automation could benefit your operations.

Implement Automation

Tractor implement automation

Functionality is compatible with John Deere round balers, John Deere Manure Sensing, Horsch Maestro, Grimme Exacta & Root Runner, Krone Fortima, Comprima and Ultima balers, Fliegl Manure Sensing and a growing list of other manufacturers with a manure sensing feature. The Tractor implement automation feature not only enables maximum productivity and consistent working results but also reduces stress levels and the operator’s fatigue.

The Precision Ag team at Hunt Forest Group can help operators benefit from simplified one-touch operation, maximum throughput and a higher productivity level, create consistent quality and working results and reduce fuel consumption all with the setup and configuration of Tractor implement automation on their machines.

Variable Rate Application

Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team are specialists in converting and transferring variable rate files from agronomists into customers software.

These shapefiles can be imported and edited online alongside the implementation of bespoke machine and software settings based upon individual requirements by the Precision Ag team.


Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team are registered agents for Solsteer Limited. Solsteer Limited specialise in GreenStar conversion solutions. The Solsteer Agri-Steer product makes it possible to use Greenstar Autotrac systems on non John Deere machines such as JCB, Fendt, Massy, Valtra, Claas and more. Other multi-branded compatible products include universal steering control, iso-seed interface and iTC extension.


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