HarvestLab 3000

One sensor, Three applications

The HarvestLab 3000 sensor uses near-infrared spectroscopy to analyse various constituents within harvest crops, Silage or slurry. Various calibrations have been further refined, adding more samples from more crop/slurry types, varieties/feeds and regions year after year.

The new HarvestLab 3000 hardware reflects state-of-the-art technology and builds on millions of hours of in-field experiences. Providing more than 4,000 measurement points per second the HarvestLab functionality provides statistically solid data on the go allowing operators to adjust settings and enabling automated machine optimisation while in the field rather than awaiting laboratory results which may take several days.

Silage Benefits of the HarvestLab 3000 system include; automatic length of cut adjustment based on the dry matter for better bulk density and silage quality., Accurately adjust silage inoculant dosing to optimise fermentation, Accurate documentation for informed decisions about crop variety selection for the next crop season and constituent information can be sent seamlessly to the Operations Centre.

HarvestLab 3000 Manure benefits include reducing mineral fertiliser and ultimately input cost, preventing down crop and gain more consistent growth and maximise yield and quality while staying within legal limits. It is also compatible with most slurry tankers and umbilical systems.

The HarvestLab 3000 can also be used as a laboratory unit at a storage facility or office, providing value all year round. Benefits include complete constituent evaluation for farmers, biogas plant operators and nutritionists, Real-time detection of feed quality, easily plan winter feeding whilst all being operated from a user-friendly web interface.

To discover more of the benefits of the HarvestLab 3000 or for demonstrations please speak to any member of the Hunt Forest Group Precision Ag team.