RTK Signal Network

Adaptive Guidance

John Deere’s precision farming solutions start with the StarFire 6000 receiver, or the new integrated version available in 2020 7R & 8R tractors. This tracks up to 3 correction signal satellites simultaneously offering the best connection signal and improving coverage that is 3 times better than previous receivers.

For higher levels of accuracy, Hunt Forest can offer their own RTK Signal Network (Real Time Kinematics) which provides extremely reliable data down to 2.5cm. As an ever-improving area of expertise for the Hunt Forest Precision Ag team, our bespoke components can ensure that the network signal is compatible with multi-brand equipment and isn’t restricted just to John Deere machines. Utilising our RTK network reduces any installation and maintenance costs of having to own a base station on your farm.

We have 4 base stations located throughout our operating area which are strategically overlapped to ensure if one site is experiencing issues, Signal will automatically be detected from the overlapping station. Our network is growing all the time and new base stations are planned for the future to help our network grow.

At Hunt Forest Group our goal is to work with customers to ensure they have the right technology requirements for their businesses based upon annual running costs and planned usage. Consideration is always given to futureproofing with additional upgrade options to ensure they have made the best investment possible without experiencing unexpected costs. We provide professional installation and calibration of the equipment, followed by practical training and backup through ongoing support and resolution of any issues.