With a wide range of versatile models, Kramer telehandler agricultural models have stacking heights from 4.3m to 9.5m and payloads ranging from 1450kg to 3600kg. Kramer wheel loaders are constructed with undivided frames preventing changes to the centre of gravity, even when steering on a full lock. Making Kramer vehicles stable in operation and extremely safe even on rough ground and in the toughest of conditions.

All-wheel steering and a 40 degrees steering lock, front and back allow for a high degree of manoeuvrability. Reducing travel and cycle times and the number of steering manoeuvres. With constant lever ratios, the undivided chassis prevents the distance between the loader unit and the counterweight. This ensures that the constant lever ratios make for safe working in all load situations. With the payload remaining the same regardless of the steering angle.

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The Kramer brand stands for all-wheel steer loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers with extreme maneuverability , off-road capability and high efficiency. Thanks to the proven undivided chassis, Kramer machines boast a superior level of stability.