Introducing the New X Series Combines


John Deere has added the new X9 1000 and X9 1100 to the lineup of combines for 2021. These machines have been designed with large scale farmers in mind, focussing on increasing yields, especially in high-moisture corn and tough wheat, they deliver the performance and capacity you need without sacrificing grain quality — all while using less fuel.

As conditions change, the combine can make automatic adjustments to ensure it is always operating at it’s highest capacity.

The new cab offers the best in comfort and convenience. And integrated precision ag technology makes it easy for you to take your harvest to a higher level. JD Link comes as standard on both models, improving machine-to-machine communication, and enabling better sharing of agronomic and machine performance information. That’s Harvesting to the Power of X.

*Performance claims are based on internal testing, and on-field and crop conditions at the time of testing; individual results may vary. Preproduction models showed; specifications and design subject to change.