Established in 2008

The CESAR Scheme was established in 2008 and the industry has united behind this official construction and agricultural equipment security and registration scheme – the premier initiative to combat equipment theft.

To combat theft and aid recovery CESAR combines:

  • State of the art Datatag ID technology
  • Overt and covert deterrents
  • A low one-off cost to protect your machine for life
  • A secure and accredited 24/7 database

The triangular CESAR registration plate has become the industry standard identification mark with support from local authorities, leading contractors, the farming community, hire companies, the police, insurers and finance companies.

Hunt Forest Group offer a data tagging service on not only John Deere but other agricultural and construction brands that have a serial number. Covering equine vehicles, quad bikes, motorbikes, caravans, quick cuts, disk cutters, power tools and more. New John Deere equipment (excluding Gators and combines) come data tagged as standard.

Through tagging on plant and agricultural vehicles, not only does this act as a visible deterrent to potential thieves but also entitles customers to up to 25% discount on vehicles fitted with CESAR marking when taking comprehensive Agricultural Vehicle insurance with NFU Mutual.

For more information or to book your machinery in for CESAR Data tagging, please contact your local Hunt Forest Branch.