HarvestLab Manure Sensing Package

HarvestLab Manure Sensing package:

This kit comprises of the following components and enables any umbilical system or tanker to measure pig manure, cattle manure and Biogas digestate constituents: dry matter, Ntot, P2O5, K2O, NH4. Real-time measurements in liquid organic fertiliser, completely invaluable in NVZ areas, taking the guesswork out of what you are applying to the land within +/-2%. Flow control is possible for target rate application, but you must have a flow meter on your machine.

All the above can be documented via the GreenStar documentation application.

Consists of:

For further information, please contact Paul Burnett on 07392 090272 / 01256 704268 or paulburnett@huntforest.com

*Used floatation wheels to suit an 8000/9000 series Forager*

For more details, please contact Paul Burnett on 07392 090 272 / 01264 860 532 or paulburnett@huntforest.com