The HFG Podcast – Episode 2



We are back with another podcast episode!

Showcasing the Cutting-edge John Deere 300 Series Sprayer
Remember that exciting new John Deere 300 Series self-propelled sprayer unveiled at Agritechnica last year? Well, Hunt Forest Group were lucky enough to get their hands on it first and show it off to customers in Southwest England.

Join host Martin and Josh, the HFG Sprayer Specialist, as they chat about the recent HFG Sprayer Showcase Customer events and what’s to come with John Deere Crop Care in the future.

But that’s not all! Josh also sits down with David Matthews, John Deere’s Crop Care Specialist, to get the inside scoop on all the key features and improvements that make the 300 Series sprayers a game-changer in the self-propelled sprayer market.

Get ready to dive into the world of precision agriculture, advanced spray control systems, and why the 300 Series is the new star of the Crop Care sector!

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