The HFG Podcast – Episode 3



After a bit of a hiatus we are back with another podcast episode!

Isuzu Pick-up Update: Limited Editions, Electric Future, and the Arctic Trucks AT35.

Recently back from a ‘work trip’ to Thailand, HFG Isuzu Sales Manager and former ‘Hero of Isuzu’, Gareth Thomas joins Martin on this episode of The HFG Podcast.

They discuss everything that’s going on with the Isuzu brand and take a look at the newly launched limited edition ‘D-MAX Steel Edition’. Gareth also gives an insight into Isuzu’s recently announced EV pickup, and why we might not see one in the UK in the immediate future.

A lot of what is to come from Isuzu in the coming months is still under a press embargo, so Martin and Gareth take a trip down memory lane and reflect upon the trip of a lifetime, last year’s epic ‘Norse Bound’ expedition in their demonstrator Arctic Trucks AT35.

Find out how Gareth turned a 3-week work trip to Iceland into an epic adventure with his brother-in-law, what caused Gareth a moment of intense fear during the Norse Bound expedition, and ultimately how the Arctic Trucks AT35 performed driving over 5000 miles through 10 European countries.

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