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NEW FOR 2024 – The HFG Podcast

OUT NOW – Episode 1 – What is RTK?

Calling all Podcast fans, we now have our very own Podcast. In every episode we will explore all things: Hunt Forest Group, John Deere, Agriculture, Professional Turf and more!

In Episode 1 we delve straight into the depths of Precision Technology with the HFG RTK Network. Dave and Matt from the Precision Technologies team join Martin in the studio to discuss RTK. What it is? How can it benefit customers? What do you need to run it? And a whole lot more.

We will be joined by members of staff from across the group, supplier representatives and even some willing customers as we discuss a variety of topics each month.

As always we value your support and your opinions. If you have any questions or suggestions for features or topics to cover in future episodes please let us know by emailing us on
Likewise, if you have any feedback for the first episode. We are all very new to this so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Where can you listen to Episode 1 – What is RTK?

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