The New John Deere 7R


It’s been an exciting year in the John Deere calendar with the launch of the new 7R and 8R series tractors, with both series of tractors having a healthy dose of re-styling and a refreshed cab interior along with overall new and improved components from front to back of the tractors. The John Deere 7R family of tractors now include 6 models of tractors ranging from 250 to 350 (rated) horsepower before ipm (intelligent power management).

This year we saw the first of our demonstrator units which is a 7R330, as you can imagine being such a highly anticipated machine it was put straight to work on demonstrations and has been very busy since. Straight away customer feedback was extremely positive from the way it drives on the command pro, comfort of the new massage seat, sound system, steering lock and visibility with the new face lift design.

The demos that this tractor carried out have consisted of a wide variety of jobs, including large square baling, cultivating, drilling and ploughing. PTO performance was particularly impressive when it came to large square baling on the hills, this tractor showed no lack of power and comfort with ipm boost kicking in with the PTO under load. “The new 7R delivers high horsepower capabilities in a compact, easy to manoeuvre chassis” commented one customer.

When it came to heavy draft cultivation and drilling demos this 7R330 showed its excellence in power and efficiency as customers were impressed with not only the performance of this tractor but the fuel economy too. Typically, with a demo tractor customers want to put the machine to the test in the toughest and steepest conditions there farm has to offer so it’s always a great opportunity to get customer feedback on the tractors performance and I think it’s fair to say this tractor did not disappoint leaving not only John Deere customers but customers of other competitors pleasantly surprised and impressed with its capabilities.

Written by Mark McAlonan (Hunt Forest Group – AMS Demonstrator).