Tilly Your Trailer


Why should you Tilly your Trailer? 

Agricultural trailers are not registered for road use in the UK, and unlike commercial trailers they are not subject to an annual Ministry of Transport (MOT) Test. This can result in trailers not being maintained in accordance with the recommended requirements of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER98). This leaves a potential for illegal trailers running in a dangerous and unroadworthy condition. 

The Tilly Pass is a scheme run by Farmers in Bedfordshire and has moved the Farming industry forwards by working closely with the main trailer manufacturers throughout the UK & Ireland. 

They are members of the NFU Farm Safety Partnership and are working closely with the NFU Mutual and a number of other authorities to give farmers and owners of trailers a clear understanding of their duty of care. 

The Tilly Pass and NFU Mutual join forces 

Over the past few months, the NFU Mutual have been meeting with the Tilly Pass to establish the best way forwards for owners of trailers that are insured with the Mutual to meet their legal obligations with the HSE PUWER 98 Regulations. 

The NFU Mutual Sector Lead for Farming and Agriculture David Harrison along with the underwriters have updated the Sector through their 300 UK agencies with all details on how to comply by contacting the Tilly Pass to book all their trailers/muck spreaders and other trailed items for their annual inspection and registration. 

New trailers 

Every new trailer purchased through one of our authorised dealerships will start its working life with a Tilly Pass at point of PDI. This is an important step forward for farmers, giving them an opportunity to purchase a registered trailer which will be inspected annually, providing a detailed history of compliance.