Tractor Air Con System Check


Ensure your tractors air con is in full working order with our air con system check over and recharge offer for £175 + VAT.

Air-con needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is functioning as efficiently as possible. Over time bacteria, mould and fungi can build up on the evaporator in your air-con system which produces an unpleasant smell when switched on. In some cases, this can cause sickness and respiratory problems as bacterial spores are blown into the cab of the machine.

Our full system check includes:

  • Cab air intake and recirculation filter check and clean (replacement if needed)
  • Condenser clean
  • Compressor drive belt check
  • Drain, clean and recharge of refrigerant (top up if needed)
  • Leak test and UV leak detector added to the system
  • System pressure check and operation check
  • System de-odour and de-bug

Within a 12 mile radius of the depot. John Deere tractors only. Additional refrigerant, filters and parts charged additionally. Offer valid until 31/08/2020.