Lawn & Garden

Although with roots in forestry, the Stihl brand combines not only solutions for professional customers but also homeowners seeking dependable, quality tools and solutions, allowing operators to master the tasks faced in nature with ease. With plenty of powerful long-life battery options there is plenty of cordless power from Stihl, be it in your own garden or for professional use. Backed up by solutions catered to more intense workloads all Stihl machines are equipped with powerful engines and large fuel tanks there’s a range of solutions to meet any personal or professional requirement.

Stihl has a cordless tool option for everyone, whether a hobbyist gardener or a professional where tools are your livelihood, the AS system and AI lines are designed for ease of use and designed for light work in small gardens. The AK system contains a range of powerful tools and comes with three batteries making it the perfect solution for garden owners and domestic users alike. The AP system is catered more to professionals offering high-quality tools in a variety of performance classes, be it felling trees, mowing lawns, removing leaves, trimming hedges or sawing wood.

Through a combination of innovative technology, optimum ergonomics, and high-performance Stihl Chainsaws have created the international standard for all types of chainsaw. Through continual research and development, Stihl chainsaws have evolved into a range of specialist machines that meet the demands of any application, whether working in the garden, in agriculture or in forestry cultivation.

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The Stihl name has stood for revolutionary technology and innovative ideas for over 90 years. In a professional industry where quality counts and as a market leader Stihl knows what equipment it takes to do the job whether working on roads, construction sites or in the hands of emergency services, thanks to their ease of handling and durable construction, uncompromising quality, reliability, long life and good value. Stihl has made construction tools essential for any work site.

Known worldwide for state-of-the-art engineering, quality, and service. Hunt Forest Group offer a wide range of Stihl construction machines from Cut-off machines, Concrete saws, Earth augers and handheld drills in Petrol or Cordless with a whole host of accessories to match.

There is always a demand for high quality, durable equipment in the workplace on a daily basis, With Stihl construction machinery guarantees that one thing remains constant and reliable. Without tools, 99% of jobs couldn’t be done properly. Stihl’s range makes it quicker and easier to carry out each task. When it comes to everyday tasks, like digging, cutting and lifting, Stihl tools really are vital.

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